The Power Of A Flight Plan

Who is in Charge of Your Daily Responses?

When you begin a lifestyle improvement journey, there are two keys you must keep in mind:


By having an awareness of your natural tendency to react to your environment, you’ll be able to make a choice to respond in a more effective –often-counterintuitive – manner.

A Typical Daily Response:

Automatic, reactive and impulse based

Consequence: often unsatisfactory, ineffective with self-loathing setting in & poor state of overall health

A High Performer's Powerful Daily Response:

Thoughtful, prepared, aware and choice based

Consequence: almost always satisfactory, effective with lasting personal fulfillment & health

The Power of a Flight Plan is to train yourself to be aware of your automatic, often destructive daily rituals, and then consciously and intentionally choose how to respond in a more powerful, thoughtful and healthy way.

The overall challenge is to determine who is in charge. 

Are your automatic thoughts/habits in charge, or are you in charge of your responses?

You Own Your Life.

I have a choice, you have a choice and we all have a choice. Let’s level up and step more fully into the greatness that lives within us all.

Our effectiveness in the quality of our life is based on our ability to be in charge, to step up more fully and to take personal responsibility for how we respond to our environment in our Daily Rituals both at work and at home.

With the Power of a Flight Plan from BlueSky Wellness Coaching, you will have the CLARITY, FOCUS and ACTION PLAN you need to blast off high into the blue skies above.

Contact Bill Wroe to create your Flight Plan today.

It’s Your Time.

He works endlessly to help others at their own level so that they will achieve success. If you are looking for a unique, wholesome and personal approach to wellness – Bill is your man!

-- Rob Shapiro, Windermere, FL
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