The Power Of Accountability

The Missing Piece

Too often, I’ve watched the enthusiasm of a person beginning a new lifestyle Program wane after the ‘honeymoon period.’ These individuals are mostly checked out mentally and emotionally from their drive to complete the program only a few short weeks after their start.

Have you ever experienced this?

Here is How Our Approach and Results are Different.

When you partner with BlueSky Wellness Coaching as a 1-ON-1 Coaching Client,you will be making a 3-month commitment to ensure your long-term success. We leverage highly engaging and innovative coaching strategies to keep you both in the game and stepping fully into your greatness.

From our interactive weekly Video Lessons, 1-ON-1 scheduled phone conversations and online forum discussions to the daily online tracking and reporting systems, you’ll find full-on engagement with our Coaching programs.

Nothing can replace your ‘self & energy management’ responsibilities for showing up fully for yourself, but having a powerful and caring Coach who will stretch you is one of the most powerful weapons in your journey for improvement.

When you enroll into one of our exciting 28-Day Be Bold Wellness Challenges either as a CORPORATE or COMMUNITY CLIENT, you’ll find many of the same tools outlined above. However, you will also benefit from one more important dynamic: a community of fellow challengers who are there to support and stretch you to the ‘finish line.'

We strongly encourage our corporate & group event clients to form teams of 2 to 4 people to build in greater compliance, support and community to ensure you finish your mission strong. Plus it’s more fun to celebrate your successes with a caring group of like minded people.

Are you ready for a challenge to radically improve the quality of your life?

Contact us to learn more about which wellness and high performance coaching program is the right one for your life.

It’s your time.

He works endlessly to help others at their own level so that they will achieve success. If you are looking for a unique, wholesome and personal approach to wellness – Bill is your man!

-- Rob Shapiro, Windermere, FL
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