1-On-1 Coaching

Private Coaching & Mastermind Experience

The Private Platinum 1-ON-1 Coaching and mentorship experience is the only way to get 1-ON-1 coaching from Bill Wroe. Designed to challenge you to step more fully into your greatness on a daily basis, this experience connects you to that sweet spot where passion, purpose and results meet.

The Private Platinum 1-ON-1 Program Provides:

  • A uniquely designed 3-month long, high level mastermind and mentorship experience to improve the quality of your life
  • Never-before combined wellness training AND high performance coaching where full self-expression and spiritual, physical, mental and emotional work go hand in hand
  • Ongoing clarity, accountability and feedback on your most important personal goals and desires
  • LIVE, in-person sessions for total immersion coupled with phone meetings, weekly video lessons with private forum access, spotlight coaching and more
One on One Coaching

Who this Program Is For

The Private Platinum Coaching experience is for committed High Performers who can’t wait to step forward in a more bold and powerful life. These individuals are ready to upgrade every aspect of their life, from creating an updated Flight Plan, to learning and integrating Simple Daily Rituals into their busy lives. From losing weight physically, mentally and emotionally to being more Present with loved ones in their life and showing up more fully energized and engaged at home and work, this program delivers dramatic results.  

Individuals who choose Private Platinum Coaching know there is more inside of them than they are currently expressing and want to lead a life that they can celebrate, not just tolerate.

The Private Platinum 1-ON-1 Coaching Experience Includes:

3 Live, In-Person Mastermind, Makeover and Training Retreats with Bill Wroe

Get away from your office or home and your day-to-day environment for a total immersion into creating your best life. At each live meeting, we combine in-depth training, transformational coaching, interactive life planning and masterminding.  Plus, Bill rolls up his sleeves and uses powerful hands-on coaching and savvy guidance to help you achieve breakthroughs and shift your mindset beyond what you thought was possible.

You’ll walk away from each retreat energized, inspired and equipped with a clear plan of action.  Plus, you’ll have the accountability you need to keep the retreat momentum going to stay “on track.”

Retreat times and locations will be customized for maximum convenience to your busy schedule.

6 Private Strategy Calls with Bill 

Private coaching clients benefit from regularly scheduled one-on-one calls with Bill Wroe that focus on helping you develop and implement highly impactful but simple daily rituals into your Flight Plan. These 30-minute sessions will inspire you, help you get unstuck and challenge you to accelerate your personal growth with greater confidence, clarity and ease.

Weekly Video Lessons from Bill 

Accessible anytime to you via an internet portal, you will be sent a weekly Video Lesson filmed and produced by Bill that will build on the strategies we will deploy on your coaching journey. This key learning and engagement component of your program is designed to reinforce the strategies you’ll use throughout your journey. You will be granted access to reflect back on important topics you want to re-engage anytime during your time with Bill.

Exclusive Private Platinum Forum

Imagine a high-level support system available to you at your fingertips!  If you’re stuck at any point, need help, have success to share or need to collaborate on a situation, this forum is available to you 24/7 and will be moderated by Bill himself at least once each week.

Exclusive Access to Systems, Tools and Live Events

As a Private Platinum Client, you will have access to my arsenal of coaching tools, resources and contacts to help you move the needle in your life and career.

You will be given two free tickets to one of my 28-Day Be Bold Live Events offered throughout each year.

You will have exclusive access to the BioPhotonic Scanner for yourself and up to 10 others. Recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show, this innovative, non-invasive technology measures your antioxidants at a cellular level. 

Bottom Line: Results Are What You’re Investing In

You want to know that your life will change radically as a result of taking part in this coaching and mentoring experience.

Here’s a sampling of the results you’ll experience:


Chances are there’s a secret part of you that has a vision for your life and your business that you don’t even believe is possible. We are going to coax that vision out and shine a spotlight on it so your life truly feels congruent and charged with enthusiasm.


Whether your goal is better relationships, weight loss, a more attractive and energized body or something else, we’ll strategize the practical Flight Plan that makes it happen. I’ll help you make the internal shifts necessary to grow into the person you desire to be.


With you at the helm of your Simple Daily Rituals controls, you will soon master what other Super Fit High Performers have already discovered in order to live a full-on energized and engaged life.


If you are currently in a relationship or are looking for your ideal partner, there is never a better place to start and explore than inside of you. To truly and deeply connect, knowing and being yourself is the best magnet to attract the right people into your life more deeply than any other strategy.  


Learn how to generate and sustain powerful levels of energy throughout each day. This is the backbone of any successful person who embarks on the mission to live a full-on and engaged life both at home and at work. 


Move powerfully through fear and doubt, so you can align with your Mission and discover how to “make the inner leap” from where you are now and into the next level in your business and your life.


Once and for all heal the doubt keeping you from living your best life in a body that you can be proud of. Allow yourself to be open to receiving the great blessings you want to see in your health and your life. 

Taking Action Now is Essential

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I was well on my way to being bankrupt emotionally, physically, and mentally at the age of 6. Yes, that means I’ve been on the road of discovery and self-healing for many, many years and the journey has introduced me to many amazing teachers and healers on this planet. The decision to transform and step more fully into my greatness was scary, exhilarating and the BEST investment I could ever make.

Acceptance in the Private Platinum 1-ON-1 Coaching is limited. If my coaching and mentorship experience resonates with you, then the next step is easy. Contact me to fill out an application which includes detailed investment costs and then schedule a brief phone Discovery Session. We’ll review your application to make sure you are a perfect fit for the program before finalizing your acceptance. (Note: To ensure the integrity of the program, not everyone who applies will be accepted.)

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Thanks to Bill’s coaching and stretching me to live better, I feel amazing and have a newfound joy of working out and love the new shape and feel of my body… I highly encourage you to experience what it likes to work with Bill and get amazing and lasting results.

-- Cesar Montoya, Orlando, FL
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