More Than A Personal Trainer

How is the State of Your Body Today?  

Is it better off than say 10 years ago? Is it ready for a tune-up or does it maybe need a complete makeover?

Even a 'Ferrari' needs a tune-up on occasion, and here at BlueSky Wellness Coaching, we believe that everyone has the potential and right to drive through life as a high performing ‘sports car’ with plenty of energy, vibrancy, self pride and a dose of admiration from others along the journey.

From my over ten years experience as a Certified Personal Trainer, and more recently as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and High Performance Coach, I’ve witnessed people’s struggle with incorporating and maintaining various forms of exercise in their life.

Although the biggest obstacle and objection I often hear is, “I’m too busy to exercise,” I’ve become very aware that it often has nothing to do with ‘time management’ but has everything to do with ‘self & energy management.'

The distinction is powerful and important to understand.  

We can’t necessarily generate more time. However, we can fully generate and integrate more ‘self & energy’ into our daily lives. We instruct and challenge our clients to step more fully into their greatness by activating simple daily ritual strategies that have a proven track record of success. This ensures our clients are ‘Leveled Up’ mentally, physical and emotionally to engage in one of our most important self care activities, physical fitness.

High Performers who excel in their health and fitness find the time to take exceptional care of their bodies by managing their ‘self & energy’ on a daily basis through the process of developing a customized Flight Plan and then taking decisive and bold action on their established Plan.

If we ask you to take your sports car out for a ‘fast drive’ but pay no attention to your ‘dashboard’ for any low fuel or performance warnings, then we are setting your drive up for a potential disaster. This runs counter-productive to our intentions to look and feel better.

That’s why at BlueSky Wellness Coaching we take a holistic approach to looking at how all areas of your life are connected when designing a wellness program for your specific life.

If you are ready to “Drive it Like You Own It,” then contact Bill Wroe to schedule a Discovery Session to learn more about 1-On-1 Coaching or learn more about his Live Events and Corporate Coaching.

It’s your time.

He gave us the guidance, support and stretched us to do more of the right things that we were over looking to take great care of our family’s’ health. You deserve and need to experience working with Bill yourself – you’ll never look back!

-- Humberto Santos, Winter Garden, FL
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