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The Future Of Corporate Wellness

Social and Team wellness challenges create happier, healthier, more engaged employees.

There are a lot of interesting wellness programs, but this is the first one that focuses on deeply engaging and coaching employees to eat healthier, exercise more, reduce stress, lose weight and improve relationships. And they have fun doing it.

As the signature component of our Corporate Coaching program, the 28-Day Be Bold Wellness Challenge is just one of the powerful tools we use to jump-start an improved lifestyle both at home and work. Read below to discover all the inspirational challenges and events we use to drive your team forward. 

It’s Your Time to reimagine employee wellness. BlueSky Wellness Coaching is here to help!

BlueSky Wellness Coaching offers customized Employee Wellness Programs that combine the best of immersive learning and unique persuasion strategies in a team environment to create happier, healthier, more energized and engaged employees.

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BE BOLD Wellness Day Events 

Want to energize & inspire your Team with a unique experience that will benefit both business results and the quality of life for your employees?

N.E.T. Lunch & Learn Experiences

You got to eat, right? So do your employees. Why not use our N.E.T. (No Extra Time) Lunch experiences that will deliver a lunch-time retreat-like experience for your employees and executive teams?  

Keynote Inspirational Speaking

It’s a performance, not a lecture.

The 28-Day BE BOLD Wellness Challenge

It doesn't get any more POWERFUL than this!

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Thanks to Bill’s coaching and stretching me to live better, I feel amazing and have a newfound joy of working out and love the new shape and feel of my body… I highly encourage you to experience what it likes to work with Bill and get amazing and lasting results.

-- Cesar Montoya, Orlando, FL
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