Health Assessment

10 Question Health Assessment

Take Our One-Minute Health Assessment Challenge

You watch what you eat. You stay active. Your health is just fine. But we dare you to look closer. Here’s your challenge: take our one-minute health assessment. Just one minute to see if your wellness is really as “fine” as you think it is.

Health Assessment
I know what health and life goals I want to achieve, but my busy life often holds me back from achieving those goals?

I start my mornings strong and I’m BOLD in stepping fully into my aliveness and greatness throughout each day’s journey?

My mindset is often conflicted between what I know I should do and what I am actually doing to take great care of my complete body?

Although I am doing the best I can in this moment, I know I should take strong action now to live a more healthy and engaged life?

I enjoy and desire learning new life strategies that empower me to step up more fully in my daily journey?

My energy feels lower than it used to be 5-10 years ago and is holding me back from achieving my goals and being a higher performer in both my work and personal life?

I often find I am not fully PRESENT and connected to the people and places I love the most?

I have someone that holds me accountable and stretches me to live a more energized and engaged life?

I celebrate my life more often than I tolerate my life?

I know I hold the power and magic within me to live a full-on, ENTHUSIASTIC life and that it’s my time to step more fully into my aliveness and greatness?


I am more complete, centered, strong, happy, healthy and over 25 lbs. lighter since my coaching journey with Bill. He is one of my life heroes and you will not be in better hands and heart than in working with Bill as a life and wellness Coach.

-- Anne Middlemiss, Orlando, FL
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